ACEM Fellowship Written Examination Course

3 days

ACEM Fellowship Written Examination Course

This three day course is designed for training registrars in the Emergency Medicine Fellowship training programme. It is ideally suited for those who are well advanced in their preparation for the written component of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine fellowship examination. There are no prerequisites for the course.

The course is designed to teach exam technique, with targeted workshops and tutorials for the common and difficult topics in the exams.

The course includes a full mock written examination. This will be marked by faculty including current ACEM examiners.

Written and verbal feedback will be provided. Previous candidate feedback has reported this to be invaluable.

Our advantage over other similar courses is desire to keep this a small group course. This enables maximum advantage from small group teaching and workshops.

A course workbook is provided.


  • Experienced Emergency Physicians - FACEMs
  • Current ACEM Examiners
  • FACEMs with experience setting the exam
  • FACEMS who have successfully passed the new exam format

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  • Full mock written examination – ACEM format – SAQ and SCQ
  • Interactive lectures including resuscitation, anaesthetics paediatrics, dermatology and toxicology
  • Small group sessions covering ABGs, Lab Tests, O & G, Trauma, ECGs, Radiology, Administration, Environmental
  • Optional lunchtime walks through the city


This year we are pleased to be able to run our course in the new medical education venue in Christchurch – “Manawa”, 276 Antigua Street, just across the road from Christchurch Hospital.

This is centrally located, and has wonderful facilities that should enhance our small group sessions. Barista coffee will supplied each morning. Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea are provided daily. We will have a course dinner at the end of day two.


"Your department's staff are very impressive, focus on technique rather than content is invaluable and not a feature of similar courses."

"I just wanted to thank you & the faculty for the course last week. It was easily the most worthwhile & comprehensive one I've been to (I've also been to AFEM in Brisbane & Teemwork in Melbourne)."

"Small group sessions and quick quizzes make this course so different to all the other courses out there – would highly recommend this to anyone sitting FACEM, either early on or just before the exam."