About EDme

EDme was established initially in 2013. Originally named Christchurch Emergency Education Series, we aimed to provide high quality, small group courses and workshops for a range of medical professionals. We are a non-profit group, with funds from courses being returned to the Christchurch Emergency Department for medical staff training, equipment, and team development.

We are now proud to be investing in nursing training also.

EDme has expanded considerably since our first Basic Ultrasound Course, and a "Core Skills for Emergency Physicians Course". With involvement of more of our senior medical group we have been offering ACEM Fellowship Preparation Courses - both for the Written Exam, and the OSCE Exams. We also offer courses in Advanced Ultrasound techniques, and in 2018 we will be offering an "ECHO Made Easy for Emergency Physicians" course.

All of our courses and workshops involve a faculty including Emergency Physicians from Christchurch with an interest and/or post graduate qualifications in medical education, Echo and Ultrasound, as well as Emergency Physicians that are heavily involved in the College with Exam setting etc. We are also proud of the fact that we have on our faculty, Emergency Physicians from across Australasia, and Specialists from areas such as Radiology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Resuscitation coordinators, and Cardiology.

We are pleased to be able to keep our courses as small group, informal, and very practical. Our Fellowship courses in particular have very small courses numbers compared to other available courses, which mean that we can individually tailor our feedback to you. Our fellowship courses include examiners, and Emergency Physicians on the ACEM Examination Sub-committees.

Because EDme is not-for-profit, we are able to offer these small group courses far more cheaply than other providers, but maintain great quality of education. Our courses are accredited by the Australasian College For Emergency Medicine, and utilise the latest equipment, and teaching and learning techniques.

The feedback we have on our courses to date has been excellent, and we are proud of our enviable exam success rate, and the quality and accessibility of teaching that we provide at all of our courses.

Claire Dillon and Mark Gilbert
Emergency Physicians
Christchurch Hospital